Flower Solar Panel

The structure is an all in one solar system meaning that all the technical aspects of the product are housed in its base. The smartflower is designed with a plug and play system.

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The smartest solar solution ever made.

Flower solar panel. The smartflower solar flower is an all in one ground mounted solar system with a tracker that follows the sun. This is why the smartflower is also referred to as the solar flower. At sunset the petals automatically retract until the next morning.

The flower shaped solar panels smartflower is space efficient. Smartflower uses advanced robotics and automation to intelligently track the sun making up to 40 more energy than traditional stationary solar panels. The world s first all in one solar system.

It directs its solar modular fan. With a surface area of 18 m towards the sun and begins producing electricity for you for your hot shower your fresh coffee the breakfast radio. This smart solar panel system is an all in one self sustaining system that differs greatly from the traditional monocrystalline or polycrystalline rooftop panels.

Thanks to the dual axis tracking system the flower reliably tracks the sun throughout the day producing upwards of 40 percent more clean energy than traditional solar panels. Learn all about the product s revolutionary technology how it compares to other solar options and whether you should consider one for your home in energysage s smartflower solar review. A smartflower surveyor will arrange a site walkthrough via google earth to assess placements and installation requirements.

Installers can quickly move the solar panel from one place to another which makes it easy for those who are on the move. In addition every day at sunset smartflower will automatically fold up and clean itself to maintain peak solar utilization. Take the next step to beautiful clean energy.

Smartflower solar produces unique ground mounted solar panel systems that include a sun tracker and a number of other high tech features. Smartflower is the innovative sculptural solar flower with advanced photovoltaic solar panels that open and close to cleaning itself for maximum efficiency. We will send you some data details and suggest a virtual survey.

And as an aesthetic touch it comes in a variety of colors berry lavender mermaid amber porcelain pearl jungle and ocean. However it doesn t look like the solar panels you might be used to. All you need to do is plug in the product and it s ready to go.

As the sun rises in the morning smartflower pop unfolds itself completely automatically.

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